About Group Tours

With more than 30 years’ experience in tour and receptive services, Nick Calderazzo opened Twin Travel Concepts in 2011. This tour company serves both the inbound market to the East Coast as well as outbound groups from the Northeast.

Calderazzo, who spent 9 years with Hilton International and 18 years as a receptive operator in New York City, deftly reacts to the changing business landscape to help improve his clients’ bottom line profits. “Adaptability and flexibility are the keys to success in today’s environment,” Calderazzo says. “Only through listening carefully to your clients and peers can you create group tours that will sell. We all need experienced partners who give us that competitive edge.”

Calderazzo’s commitment and dedication to this industry is reflected in his service. He has served as a Board Director, and recently as Secretary/Treasurer, for the National Tour Association – the premiere travel association in North America. For six years he chaired the RSA Education Committee. In addition, the Secretary of Commerce of the US appointed him to the Travel and Tourism Advisory Board for a 1-1/2 year term.

Capitalizing on this wealth of experience, Twin Travel Concepts utilizes a customer-centric approach by developing packaged group tours to meet consumers’ ever-changing tastes.